EggShare – the work place/group egg solution

How it works

An Eggshare group is made up of an admin and members. Each member pays their own way and we deliver to you at work or another address. Fresh from the farm to you, skipping the supermarket!

Bringing fresh free range eggs to you. Easy!

To take advantage of EggShare you must have at least four people on board for every order. We do this so you can save on the shipping cost (as more trays to one place is easier and cheaper for us, so we pass on the savings to you)

After you submit the order window, each of the members will receive an email with available products to order, they pay then and there. Once window closes we’ll send the order. Easy!

Simply fill out the group request form below, to start the ball rolling. If we can ship to your area, Chris will email you a unique link and info pack that you can send to whoever you would like to be part of the group.